Day 28 – The Graveyard

As you pass through the gates of the necropolis, you find yourself in a sprawling graveyard. The place is immaculately kept, as if a ghostly gardener has been tending to it for centuries. The headstones are polished, the grass is neatly trimmed, and not a leaf is out of place. Despite the fact that this place has been abandoned for hundreds of years, it is clear that someone – or something – has been taking care of it. As you make your way deeper into the graveyard, your attention is drawn to a large church in the center of the necropolis. The church is grand and imposing, with tall spires and intricate carvings adorning its walls. But as you approach, you realize that there is no entrance to be found.

The doors are sealed shut, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get inside. You stand before the church, confused and perplexed. How are you supposed to get inside? Perhaps there is a secret entrance hidden somewhere. Or maybe the ghostly gardener holds the key to the church’s mysterious entrance. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the Necropolis of Kyrthar is full of secrets and surprises, and you’ll have to use all of your wits and cunning to uncover them.

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