Day 199 – 214 – The Ruins of Skullhaven – Level 0

Here, I’ve tried to take a slightly larger scale. Instead of 5 feet per 5 millimeters (per square), I’ve used a 10-foot scale and oriented myself more towards the level of detail found in Wizards of the Coast’s official maps. This means that exact room furnishings, etc., are no longer drawn. Rooms: All rooms are … Weiterlesen

Day 166 – Skullhaven

Skullhaven is an asteroid in the Flumphaven asteroid belt that is shaped like a giant skull. Whether this is a freak of nature or actually the skull of a gigantic creature is impossible to say. Size: A (3 miles in diameter) Shape: Irregular Type: Earth Atmosphere: rotten Wilderness: none Hazards: Instability, undead Population: A small … Weiterlesen

Day 156 to 165 – Asteroid field

Day 156: Stonewall: Stonewall appears as a solid, grayish-brown asteroid composed entirely of rugged, weathered stone. It has a pockmarked surface, revealing the countless impacts it has endured over the ages. Day 157: Frostbite: This asteroid is covered in a thick layer of glacial ice, giving it a glistening, frozen appearance. Frigid winds whip across … Weiterlesen