Every spell is perceptible! – Somatic and Verbal Components of Spells – The Design of Dungeons & Dragons 5e #9

Karlinius, the cleric, lay his hand on Schubertus’ shoulder and whispered: “May Tymora’s blessing be upon you.” Nor Par Car’s eyes narrowed to slits when he saw the cleric’s hand on the rogue’s shoulder. Without a word, he laid the cards on the table, drew his dagger and rammed it into the tabletop with a … Weiterlesen

Initiative and Surprise in 5e

Marik and Bori ducked deep into the undergrowth, while Ray hid silently in the treetops. The goblin patrol approached the narrow path through the forest, unsuspecting. A silent signal from Ray was all it took, and Marik sent his arrow flying with deadly precision, followed by Boris’ swift bolt. As the projectiles rained down on … Weiterlesen

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