Day 199 – 214 – The Ruins of Skullhaven – Level 0

Here, I’ve tried to take a slightly larger scale. Instead of 5 feet per 5 millimeters (per square), I’ve used a 10-foot scale and oriented myself more towards the level of detail found in Wizards of the Coast’s official maps.

This means that exact room furnishings, etc., are no longer drawn.

Rooms: All rooms are natural caves carved into the asteroid’s stone. The original furnishings within them have generally fallen into decay. Unless otherwise described, the rooms are shrouded in complete darkness.

Entrance (top right): When coming from the pirate base, you enter a hall/cave with two more exits. The western exit has collapsed, and the southern one is barricaded with makeshift barriers. Impaled on one of the barricades is a zombie (former pirate slave) that is still moving.

Small Altar: South of the barricades, there is a small intersection with an altar on the side, dedicated to a long-forgotten deity. The sculpture that once stood on it is broken. In the remaining pieces, you can see many tentacles. To the west, there is a corridor from which roots and mushrooms sprout from the ground. From the south, a foul odor seeps in.

Dining Hall: In the dining hall, you find broken stone tables and chairs. Behind the shattered food service counter lurks the bloated corpse of a slave who fled into the ruins. He is undead. He is too misshapen to walk anymore but tries to stuff anything that comes too close into his open, torn belly. To the south, there is another collapsed corridor leading to the kitchen. To the west, a corridor can be heard gushing with water.

Kitchen: In the kitchen, there is destroyed stone furniture and food remnants turned to dust. In one partially preserved stone alcove, there are magically preserved cans containing black fruits that taste sweet but are unknown. The northern passage to the dining hall has collapsed. The western exit leads to the priest’s offices.

Laboratory: Here, destroyed stone tables are scattered around, bearing inscribed runes of an unknown language. Among the debris, you can find a book in an unknown language that has apparently been preserved by magic. To the east, there is a collapsed exit leading to the room with barricades. Through the southern exit, you can hear a splashing sound. The western exit is blocked by a heavy, rune-encrusted metal door.

Experiment Chamber: The experiment chamber is sealed by a heavy, magically reinforced door, and in front of it is a magical protective circle that prevents anyone from stepping out of the chamber. Petrified bones are scattered within. On the western wall, there are deep grooves in the floor and the wall, behind which there is a hole dug into the wall. Musty, damp air emanates from the hole.

Stairs: In this hall, a spiral staircase leads both up and down. To the east, there is a corridor where you can see vines and mushrooms growing. In the west, there is a corridor whose entrance is flanked by two (alien-like) skull-shaped columns. To the south, a corridor leads to a faint, greenish light (Temple).

Cemetery: In the walls, alcoves are embedded, covered in dust. The corpses that once lay here have long disappeared. In the center, a staircase leads downward. Columns are built around the staircase, adorned with alien-like skulls and bones. From the passage in the east, a draft of air can be felt (Stairs).

Mushroom Room: In this room, the walls and floor are covered with glowing mushrooms. Their faint, greenish light illuminates the room, creating a surreal atmosphere. The floor is covered with moss, and the scent of damp earth and mushrooms fills the air. Sickly roots dangle from the walls and hang above the ground. The exit to the west leads to the chamber with the spiral staircase, where a draft of air can be felt. To the south, the path opens to the water basin room, accompanied by the gentle splashing of water. To the east, you reach the intersection with the altar.

Water Basin Room: Here, a large room features a deep water basin on the western side. The water glistens in the pale light, and it’s hard to discern its depth. Strange algae float on the surface, and the soft splashing of water creates a soothing soundscape. If you go north, you return to the Mushroom Room, where the air is saturated with mushroom spores. To the east lies the dining hall, and you can sense a foul odor from there. The southern corridor leads to the priest’s offices, where the scent of dusty books lingers in the air.

Temple: This room exudes eerie grandeur. The walls are covered in strange symbols and signs that glow in a faint, greenish light. In the center stands an altar with an ornate book resting upon it. The atmosphere is eerie, and a touch of magic hangs in the air. The exit to the north leads to the spiral staircase, from which a gentle draft can be felt. To the east lies the shrine, where a very faint bluish light flickers. Also to the east is the meeting room, where soft footsteps echo from the walls. The southern corridor leads to the priest’s living quarters, and the presence of the spirits is palpable.

Shrine: The shrine is a small room filled with strange statues and offerings. In one corner, an eerie bluish flame flickers. A solemn silence pervades the space, only interrupted by the faint flickering of the flame. This room opens to the meeting room in the south, where soft footsteps echo from the walls. To the west lies the temple, from which a faint green light emanates. To the east are the priest’s offices, where the scent of dusty books fills the air.

Meeting Room: This room appears to be a place for secret meetings and rituals. The walls are covered with old parchments and scrolls. In the center, there is an ornate table scattered with cards and documents. The exit to the north leads back to the shrine, where the bluish light flickers once more. To the west, the temple stretches, where the symbols on the walls glow in blue light. To the east, you reach the priest’s offices, and the faint rustling of weathered paper can be heard.

Priest’s Living Quarters: This is where you find simple sleeping bunks and personal belongings that have long gathered dust. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, as if the spirits of the priests still linger here. If you head north, you return to the temple, where the symbols on the walls glow in blue light. To the east, the path leads to the bath, where the scent of lavender and rosewater fills the air.

Priest’s Offices: This room was once the workspace of the priests. Weathered desks and dusty bookshelves bear witness to bygone days. A ghostly silence prevails, as if the priests are merely waiting to resume their work. The exit to the east leads to the kitchen, and you can feel a hint of electrical charge in the air. If you head north, you return to the water basin room, accompanied by the moist air of water. To the south, the path leads to the bath, where the scent of cleansing and care hangs in the air.

Bath: The scent of lavender and rose water is still in the air. The north exit leads to the priests offices, the west exit to the Priest’s Living Quarters.

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