Day 27- the entrance to the necropolis of Kyrthar.

As you make your way through the dense forest, the trees begin to thin and the ground beneath your feet starts to slope downward. Suddenly, the trees give way to reveal a grand sight, an old and crumbling stone bridge that spans a wide and rushing river. The bridge looks as if it hasn’t seen use in centuries, and you can’t help but wonder if it will hold your weight. You carefully make your way across the bridge, the river rushing beneath you and the mist from the water making it hard to see. As you reach the other side, you find yourself standing on the edge of a small island. The island is surrounded by tall walls, ancient and imposing, that seem to have been untouched by time. The walls are made of a dark stone, and as you look closer you can see that they are adorned with intricate carvings of long-forgotten gods and heroes. As you make your way towards the center of the island, you come across a small cottage that lay in ruins. The cottage seems to have been abandoned for many years and it’s hard to tell what it was used for. The roof has collapsed, the walls are crumbling, and the windows are shattered. The cottage seems out of place in front of the grand walls and you can’t help but wonder if it was once the home of the island’s caretaker. As you stand before the cottage, you can hear the faint sound of shuffling and moans coming from within. It’s clear that this island is not as abandoned as it first appeared, and you can’t help but wonder what lurks inside the walls and the cottage. The Necropolis of Kyrthar may be a place of great power and ancient knowledge, but it’s also a place of great danger. Proceed with caution.

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