Day 22 – Jungle in a Cave

As you follow the grooves down the right passage, you come across a cave where the ceiling has collapsed, and the jungle has grown in. The air is thick with the smell of moss, and the sound of dripping water echoes through the cave. Sunlight filters through the jungle, casting an eerie green light on the cave. It looks as if the cave has been abandoned for centuries, and it’s clear that the jungle has taken over. You can see some roots and vines growing through the rocks, and also some small animals scurrying around. The cave seems to be a very humid and warm place, quite different from the rest of the cave you’ve been exploring so far. The collapsed ceiling allows fresh air and sunlight to enter, creating a microhabitat where some exotic plants are thriving. The cave is a natural wonder, a hidden jungle sanctuary in the middle of the cave. As you move deeper in the cave, you can see another exit, rhat seems to lead to an underground river.

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