Day 81 – Mountain Trail – Escape from the Crystal Mine

By the skin of our teeth we escaped from the cellar. The miners seem to be servants of devils, devils who conquered the city 1000 years ago and still live here, locked in their own realm.

I wonder if the magician who sealed the city knew this? That the inhabitants he locked behind the city walls with the demons and devils would still have to suffer under the bondage of the devils and demons 1000 years later?

When we set out to find the lost city, we rather expected that nothing would live in the city. That the greatest danger would be unstable buildings slowly crumbling under the weight of the years.

But obviously the devils have found a way to survive, enslaving the inhabitants and their descendants and creating a society that knows nothing else. A society without hope. A society that does not know that there is hope. A new hell has been created here and we are fleeing deeper and deeper into it, leaving behind the only known way out.

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