Day 80 – Cellar in the Warden’s House / Diabolical Altar of Sacrifice (Crystal Mine)

We were deceived. The servants lured us into a trap by pretending to hate the Warden. In fact, however, they are in league with the devils and took us to the cellar to interrogate us and use us as offerings.

In the middle of the room was a devilish being surrounded by a distorted, fiery magic circle decorated with runes that were completely unknown to me. The creature had purple, scaly skin, claws instead of hands and feet, a long tail and snake-like outgrowths on its chin.

It asked us to reveal where we came from and why we were here. It asked us if we served the demons or belonged to the resistance….

I knew instinctively that under no circumstances should we tell him that we were from outside the city. But if we couldn’t give him satisfactory answers, I feared that our fate would be sealed and we would end up as gnawed bones in the corner.

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