Day 49 – the river boat

We have rented a riverboat for our expedition to the lost city of Kyrthar Tahlketh. It is a modest boat with a white sail that carries us gently through the currents of the river. The river, a dark ribbon, winds its way through the wild landscapes of the continent as we steadfastly move forward on our journey.

The boat may be small and unassuming, but it is our faithful companion on this perilous journey into a world of uncertain fates. We have equipped it with everything we will need to survive – from supplies to equipment. For we know that we are moving through unfamiliar terrain, in a world where nothing is as it seems.

I cannot shake the feeling that something dark and ominous awaits us in these deep waters. But we must press on, face the unknown, in order to find the lost city that promises us all fame and fortune. For that is what drives us, what propels us through the darkness and danger: the desire for discovery and adventure.

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