Day 23 – The underground river

As you approach the exit leading to the underground river, the sound of rushing water grows louder. The air becomes damp and cool, a refreshing change from the humid jungle cave. The walls are slick with moisture and the ground is uneven, the river carving its way through the rock over time. The water is dark and swift, the current strong enough to be dangerous. You can see fish and other aquatic creatures swimming in the depths, and the occasional bat flitting overhead. The cave stretches on into the distance, the path along the river winding and treacherous. As you venture further in, you come across a small waterfall, the water cascading down into a deep pool. The cave is alive with the sound of water, a constant reminder of the power of nature. It’s a beautiful but dangerous place, and it’s up to you to navigate it safely. As you move along the river, you’ll notice a statue of a long-forgotten water god, standing tall and proud. The statue is broken, its head missing and its arms cracked. It’s a haunting reminder of the power of time and the forgotten gods that once ruled these caves.

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